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Three Weeks Later…

Hello again Braves fans.  I’d like to apologize for the lengthy hiatus between blog entries.  It’s been a little hectic on this side of the world.  Minor League games began this week and the AAA team isn’t doing too well.

We all know this time of year is for getting ready to play the next six months, but it’s never any fun losing games.  We are 2-4 so far this spring, but our roster is far from complete.  With pitch counts and guys needing at bats these games are more about preparation than winning.  With that said, our roatation is looking better by the day (unfortunately). 

Tommy Hanson and Jo Jo Reyes got sent down to minor league camp today.  It’s definitely a bittersweet time of year when you start seeing your friends and former teammates come over from big league camp.  All of us on the minor league side were rooting for both of those guys.  We all know it’s only a matter of time til they’re back over there though.

As for me, my swing is feeling pretty good.  The hits aren’t falling as often as I would like, but it’s more important to get ready so that they fall in April.  The position change isn’t much of a change at this point.  I get my early work in at second base and take infield there after my outfield work, but I have yet to play a game there.  I feel like it’s another bullet in my holster and am happy where things are right now.

On an offensive note, Reid Gorecki (OF) is swinging the bat well so far in spring.  He has prbably been the most consistent hitter for us.  Joe Borchard (OF) is also swinging the bat with authority.  Coming off surgery he looks good at the plate right now.  Barbaro Canizares (1B) continues to rake down here.  He seems to be good for a hit a game.  It’s incredible how that guy hits!  The rest of us are up and down.  Nobody is really struggling & no one else is really on fire.  That’s the AAA offensive update. 

Thank you for all your comments.  I will do a better job of responding as the season progresses.  I’m still getting my feet wet with this blog.  I’ll also do my best to be more prompt with my next entry.

On a personal note, the New Mexico Lobos (my alma mater) are ranked 21 in the country!  Great job guys! Go Lobos!